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Etsy Rocks! July 13, 2007

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I did it! I*finally* listed my first few items in my Etsy Shop:
You’ll find my cactus pincushions as well as Tote2Go! shopping totes and even some of my jewelry designs! It’s been fun writing the copy and listing everything. I’ve tried to keep to listing a few things a day (as suggested by the more experienced sellers on Etsy!) to keep my listings up on the “recently listed” area on the homepage. It seems to work pretty well.

This tote: Tote2Go! — Bright Pattern:

Tote2Go! Bright Pattern
…has been viewed 72 times so far — I think that’s pretty good for a store that is a little over a week old.
I’m not done posting yet though. I also put up some jewelry designs:
Wish Pendant Wish Pendant (also Love and Dream Pendants)

Secret Promise Ring Secret Promise Rings

More soon!!


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  1. brooke Says:

    Im very interested in your wish necklace. How much are you selling them for ?

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