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Colby-jack (the goldfish) is sick… August 13, 2007

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I love animals. I get attached. Yes, even to goldfish. But now…Oh man. I think I might have killed my goldfish. I feel SOOOO horrible! My intentions were good — clean the tank, give him a friend — but I think something went wrong. I don’t know what, though. I tested the water and everything looks fine. I think the stress was too much for him. But he’s still alive…barely. <sigh> I’m going to try to set up a hospice tank today and hope for the best. Please send good thoughts our way…thank you!

Update —

So, Colby-Jack didn’t make it. (S)he put up valiant fight and will be missed. I blogged all about it on my Indiepublic blog and had the sweetest memorial given to Colby-Jack by CraftZombie:

rip colby-jack
thanks CraftZombie…you’re the best :)