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I’m feeling lots better…Yay Zinc & Vitamin C! :) September 11, 2007

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Thanks for all the well-wishes, my friends! I am definitely feeling better. I’m telling you…that zinc / vitamin C thing really works for me! I start with the “Zicam” nasal spray as soon as I feel even a little bit sick and then take 1500 mgs of vitamin C (ester-c) in the morning and evening. I did a lot of research on it and most of it agrees that *if* you catch it early enough, doing these things along with LOTS of liquids and rest can stop a cold in its tracks! Well…guff or not, I am a believer!

While I was running away from my cold this weekend, I had a chance to post a couple of little “zakka” style basket bags that I made a while ago. They are super-cute! I hope to make more soon…I heart them a lot!

red zakka-style basket bag here’s the red one… green zakka-style basket bag and the green one! Super cute!

(you can go ahead and click on the pictures to go directly to their listing pages if ya wanna! :)