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Etsians Say The Darnest Things September 19, 2007

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My newest most favoritest random blog (well, not too random…I found it via The Storque) Etsians Say The Darnest Things!

It’s basically a blog chronicling the hilarious random postings on the Etsy forum boards — which, if you’re crazy like me — you spend waaaaaay too much time cruising and reading and posting there anyway, so this sort of thing is great. If you’re really like me, then you’ll be pleased to know that you’re not the only one who thinks people are at their funniest when they think no one is looking. Oh…we’re looking…you just don’t know we’re looking. hehe.

Don’t wanna click? Well…here’s a wee taste of what you’re missing:
UglyKitty says:
So I’m at work and I just looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and noticed something about my shirt…apparently I last wore it, it was over a wet bathing suit and the cholorine lightened two circles around the boob-ular area.

Good job Renee.


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  1. Anandi Says:

    Is it not the weirdest thing that your site is right before mine in the ‘etsy sellers who blog’ ring?? I think that’s crazy!

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