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One of the best things about making (cute) stuff… October 4, 2007

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I get to buy cute stuff! I love bargain shopping…and I love love LOVE the remnant bin in fabric stores! My Tote2Go! line of tote bags and purses is made exclusively from thrifted, repurposed, recycled and remnant fabrics (in other words, never anything off-the-bolt), so that means I get to go to great fabric stores and raid their remnant piles knowing that I’ll have to be uber-creative to make all of the different pieces work together. It can be challenging at times and usually forces me into color directions I’d normally never go. Very cool.

I’m excited to make some new things and hope the new tote and purse designs I’m creating right now for my upcoming craft shows will be well received. (I’ll post pics of the new stuff when they’re ready…)

Take a look at the amazing fabric I found today:

remnants galore!  look a chicken!

My cactus pincushion looks a little concerned, don’t you think? I love this chicken fabric…I have no idea what I’m going to make with it…but I just couldn’t resist bringing it home with me! The new fall colors are really beautiful this season…I can’t wait to get to the sewing machine! Yay!


4 Responses to “One of the best things about making (cute) stuff…”

  1. Oooh, I’m having fabric envy! The chicken fabric is the cutest! I love the remnant bin at the Northgate Pacific Fabrics the best of all!

  2. Lindy Says:

    yep, also loving the chicken fabric!

  3. kcq Says:

    Remnants are the best! I bet I have some you could use since I rarely use the thicker fabrics in my costumes. Hmmm… trade?

  4. Rosemary Says:

    where did you get the chicken fabric

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