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Instead of sewing, I made these… October 5, 2007

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So, I buy all that fabric, and what do I do?? I go to my jewelry studio (well, I was teaching a class…) and make some cute new comic book charms to post to my Etsy store! Of course! I couldn’t just sit there and SEW up all that fabric! I have to distract myself and make small things that make me happy…

BlaMMo! WhAmmO! kaPOW!

Funny thing is, I designed these waaaay back in 1995…and NO one understood them. Now, I put them on Etsy and I sell a bunch of ’em! I love when an idea works (no matter how long it takes!) But really — I gotta say, they make me smile…and isn’t that what life is all about? Well…that and getting your work done?

Oh boy. Off to the sewing machine! zzzzZZZOOOOmmMMM!!!