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Have you read the Ikeahacker blog today? October 13, 2007

Oh yay! I just got word that my “Tote2Go!” upcycled tote bags are featured on Ikeahacker’s blog today! Even better, it is their featured post for BlogActionDay! I am so excited…I totally heart being featured on blogs. It makes me feel special  ;) hehe

Check out the post and come back on October 15th to see my official BlogActionDay post!

bright tote2go back  bright tote2go folded

My Tote2Go! totes really started with a pile of scrap fabric given to me by Julie Charles of — she put these amazing Ikea drapes up in her house(boat) and gave me the yards and yards of fabric she trimmed off the ends! The concept was to make a reusable grocery tote that was super-cute and sturdy, so I used  an actual plastic grocery bag as the original pattern.

Since then, I’ve created my own pattern (see my previous post) and but still only use recycled, reclaimed and remnant fabrics for all my totes and purses. It forces me to be creative and uses fabrics that would eventually end up in the trash bin…I love it!


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  1. Wahoo!! Your Tote2Go is such a great concept and so cute-now even more of the universe will know about them!

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