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Featuring Etsy on “Craftivism” for BlogActionDay! October 15, 2007

For my blog post on “Blog Action Day” (see: I am compelled to feature my favorite site, Etsy once again.

As a community, Etsy is an amazing resource not only for “all things handmade” but also for information on how we, as artists, can join the movement toward a healthier environmental future. Case in point: Etsy’s “Craftivism” Storque blog post on “Upcycling for Greener Living” written by Etsy’s own “TeenAngster” — here’s an excerpt:

Upcycling brings hope as a fresh concept and solution for the many environmental dilemmas the earth currently faces. The idea of taking would-be garbage and reimagining, reusing and reinventing its significance is really quite a novel idea: the materials are free and in frightening abundance, there are (hypothetically) no unhealthy aftereffects for the earth, and consumers gain the satisfaction of reusing something potentially wasteful in a new and exciting context, again and again.”

I love how TeenAngster defines the clear difference between the similar-sounding terms, “recycled” and “upcycled” best of all (another excerpt):

“You may ask what the difference is between upcycling and recycling, as they seem quite similar. According to Cradle to Cradle, recycling is actually an example of “downcycling,” whereby unrecoverable and unusable by-products are created in the recycling process. By recycling items toward uses that were never intended during their original production process (example: soda bottles into carpeting), they are effectively “wrestled” into a form that requires as much energy (or moreso) to produce than manufacturing a new carpet. In the end, the rug is ultimately still on its way to a landfill, creating “eventual waste.””

Ever wondered what the world would be like if upcycling became the norm? I urge you to check out the original blog post on Etsy’s Blog “The Storque” to find out!

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  1. paperseed Says:

    I posted crafty (+ recycled) in honor of blog action day, too! I’ll have to read that link on upcycling you mentioned above. Also, it looks like we were both up super late writing our posts. :-)

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