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Oh Yay! I finally conquered my fear of zippers!!! November 12, 2007

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Well, I wasn’t afraid of zippers, per se — I was more afraid of learning how to put zippers into things! After buying a TON of zippers online (they are still on sale on starting at $.15 for 5″ or 6″ lengths in all sorts of colors! Go now to stock up!) I was determined to give it a go! To my surprise, it really wasn’t too bad! I did have a bit of a learning curve, but after a few tries, here’s what I ended up with:

yay! my zippered pouches are so cute!

How cute are they! Yay Zippers!  I love learning new things…so much fun!


EtsyRain is getting together this weekend to put together some EtsyRain  “Sampler” style gift bags full of various $10 items to list at half-price in some of our shops to promote EtsyRain — I think I’m going to include these in the mix!

They’ll probably go into the swag bags for Urban Craft Uprising too! If you want a swag bag, you’d better make sure to get there REALLY early! I’ve heard there are only going to be 200 of them available! I could be wrong…but it would be so cool to get one, right?? Yep. Show up early…the line goes around the block by show opening. (or so I’ve been told)

Speaking of craft shows, they are pretty much the reason I haven’t been posting lately. My plan is to post a “holiday show recap” at the end of the season to offer my thoughts on the different shows and venues I was able to see and participate in this show season. I’m looking forward to writing that one :)

Okay. Back to sewing zippers! Yay Zippers!


2 Responses to “Oh Yay! I finally conquered my fear of zippers!!!”

  1. kcq Says:

    Those look great! So cute. I have a fear of zippers as well. Maybe someday I’ll brave it as well.

    My favorite is the bird bag on the right! Such cute fabric.

  2. autumn Says:

    Nice job with the zippers, they can be such a pain!

    Thanks for the mynotions website, I will checking them out, mean $.15 that is a steal!


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