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My My How Time Flies… November 27, 2007

Geez. I look up and next thing I know, Urban Craft Uprising is THIS weekend! Augh!!!! Once again, I am scrambling and staying up waaaay too late to try to make tons of inventory to take to the show. <sigh> When will I ever learn how to get this stuff done earlier?? Hmph. I have to say though, this pressure is making some diamonds out of my fabric stash! I already have 10 sets of double Tote2Go! grocery bags and a *ginormous* red and green floral tote that took me all afternoon to make! It ended up a lot bigger than I had originally planned, but it really turned out great! The last thing I finished tonight was a super-long handled purse/tote2go — it’s totally cute…black with mustard/brown/green stripes on it and pockets all over the place. I wouldn’t be too sad if that one didn’t sell this weekend…hehe.

The weather is a little crappy right now (Seattle rain!), so I can’t take any decent pictures of the new stuff just yet…but I did recently list these totes in my Etsy shop:

blue floral tote2go!         bright stripe tote2go!       Blue Geo Squares tote2go!

                    Blue Floral Tote2Go!   Bright Stripes Tote2Go!   Blue Geo Squares Tote2Go!