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Oh my goodness. Is it 2008 already??? January 11, 2008

::: slowly coming out of hibernation ::: Sincere apologies for the long absence! My brain is bursting with new ideas and plans for 2008! “What ideas, Marlo?” you ask? Well. If you’re at all interested, we can take a little look-see at what’s on the agenda in 2008 for IMakeCuteStuff, Tote2Go! , Marlo M. Jewelry Design and Creative Arts Consulting (Marlo M. Consulting). (Note to self: Priority – Avoid starting any new business ventures! LOL!)

  • IMakeCuteStuff shop makeover
    • new items
    • new pictures
    • lather, rinse, repeat
  • EtsyRain – Etsy Seattle Street Team EtsyRain Spring Craft Shows
    • Edmonds – May 10, 2008 (more info to come!)
    • Tacoma (?)
    • Seattle (?)
    • EtsyRain Workshops and Events
      • Craft Swap – Jan. 13, 2008
      • Starting / running / growing your Etsy shop
      • Going from retail to wholesale
      • Craft nights (fun!)
      • Photography workshops
      • Lots more in the works too!
      • Go EtsyRain Go!
    • — New Website!
      • Learn how to take amazing pictures of all the Tote2Go! styles
      • Create marketing plan to share Tote2Go!s with the world!
    • Marlo M. Jewelry Design – my “day job” – my own line of hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry
      • Design new work
      • Create marketing plan to share new designs with boutiques and galleries
      • Update website
    • Creative Arts Consulting – new website – (aka: Marlo M. Consulting)
      • Develop new website for CAC
      • Start CAC blog?
      • Continue to work with current clients build their businesses
      • Find new clients to help grow their creative businesses

    Wow. That is a lot of stuff. Hmmm..before I’m tempted to go back into hibernation, I’ll post this:

    happy cactus family

    Happy Cactus Family! Yay! Pincushions and polymer clay ornaments…so cute!


    6 Responses to “Oh my goodness. Is it 2008 already???”

    1. Dawn Says:

      Goodness, girl, I do think you might be busier than I am! ;)

    2. Kayce Says:

      Wow! And I thought I was doing good working on photos and organizing my workspace.!

      Can’t wait to see all that you do! Oh… and I love the koi earrings!

    3. katy Says:

      omg, an agenda for 2008???? There is a reason you’re our fearless leader. I still have your table, btw. . .

    4. You are such a dynamo! I now have a great desire to make my own agenda, but it won’t be nearly as admirable as yours!

    5. Carrie McG Says:

      You ARE AMAZING. Have I said that before?

    6. Rekoj Says:

      Back out of hibernation indeed!

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