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New Tote2Go! “Double Shoppers”… January 15, 2008

Oh heck yes. I had a great time at the EtsyRain craft swap this past weekend and came home with much more Fan-tab-u-lous fabric than I ever imagined! Thanks to everyone who raided their craft stashes to give me more great stuff for my stash! Yay!

After the craft swap was over, Meghan (, Julie ( and our new friend Dale ( dropped off the leftovers to Goodwill and promptly went inside to find even more stuff! I think I was the only one to come out with a big bag of stuff…but I was able to make these super-cute Tote2Go! Double Shoppers with some of the cute fabrics I found in there:

green tote2go! double shoppers trio

Cute right?? I love these Tote2Go! Double Shoppers
Two single-ply shopping bags in one…Use as one bag or two!
Handmade using only reclaimed, repurposed and remnant cotton fabrics….

I’ll post them to my Etsy shop as soon as I can get some good pictures of them when they’re unfolded!


3 Responses to “New Tote2Go! “Double Shoppers”…”

  1. katy Says:

    I’m addicted to lime green – the middle one is calling my name. It’ll be added to my favs as soon as it’s posted at your shop! Yay for productivity!

  2. Erin Says:

    I love these – I suppose I should go see if they are in your shop yet.. and if they are, are they still there? :)

  3. Kayce Says:

    Hey Marlo – I’m still waiting to see these in your store! They are way cute!

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