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EtsyRain *Hearts* Arts in RI January 23, 2008

Our pals over at had a wonderful idea to team up some of their “street teams” (local and global groups of Etsy sellers) to help us all support and get to know each other a little better! How cool is that?

EtsyRain’s “sister team” is Arts in RI (Rhode Island) — and wonderful group of crafty people based in our country’s smallest state! Their membership is a diverse mix of mediums and disciplines, from beads to bags, photos to silkscreens, paintings to prints…they have it all in one compact street team!

One of my favorites is PinkLemonadeBoutique — her Etsy shop is nothing short of divine! I completely heart her fabric choices (we know how I LOVE cute fabric!) and handbag designs are utterly smashing! Her most recent work is a wonderful mix of contemporary quilting techniques and impeccable sewing that makes me say things like, “Oh wow! That is SOOOO CUUUTE!” and “How does she come up with those beautiful mixes of colors and patterns???”

I’ve always had a hard time combining patterns…I think it was a phobia taught to me by my well-meaning mother. So when I see others mixing fabrics in ways that are so totally pleasing to the eye, I find myself wishing I had chosen that lesson to rebel against instead of the ones that I actually did. Ah well. At least I can buy the stuff I can’t make, right? :)

Like these two, for instance:

PinkLemonadeBoutique’s Cherry Blossoms Tote PinkLemonadeBoutique Squares Squared Tote

Adorable, right? Yep. See what I mean? Totally cute!


6 Responses to “EtsyRain *Hearts* Arts in RI”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Those are totally cute bags! My closet tells me that I don’t need any more bags, but they’re very tempting!

  2. Kayce Says:

    Totally cute and totally original! I love that!

  3. katy Says:

    i like how she incorporated a contemporary quilt block look into the bags.

  4. Pink Lemonade Boutique is one of my bag-making heroines!

  5. Anandi Says:

    ooh, those *are* cute bags. I have a handbag problem, but the next time I need one, I’ll definitely check etsy first.

  6. paperseed Says:

    Oh man, talk about serious bag inspiration. Love those fabrics mixed with the simpler linen.

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