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Dude. Look What I Just Bought…! February 6, 2008

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Yeah. I said it. “Dude…” That, along with my “valley girl” accent are stubborn leftovers from my “other” life in that far-away land of Los Angeles. Yuuuuuup. But I won’t get into that right now.

But I will tell you about the amazing, astounding, fantastical, beautiful most gamer-licious thing I just purchased today from Flamestitch on Etsy. Well, first I’ll show you:

Health Purse by

BTW, I found this via a post on (check out her profile — she is awesome!)

I know….RIGHT?? Awesome. I am giddy with excitement over this!!

Okay. For those of you who don’t know why I would be so excited over a big red crossed bag, here’s a bit of back story:

I love playing video games. I do. I tend to go through phases where I don’t sleep, don’t eat and generally don’t get any work done while I’m playing a game. I did it with the Final Fantasy series (heart!), the Halo series (love!) and most recently, BioShock (rosie rocks!) and Mass Effect (commander shepard rules). OMG. How I love RPGs and FPSs (to be clear, I prefer to shoot at aliens and not actual people, but I do what I have to do to survive…hehe).

In many of these games, you run around shooting and getting shot at all day long. Unlike real life, you oftentimes have the luck of running across these cool little “health packs” that will restore a small (or large) amount of “health” to your character. My characters are usually on their last breath before I can run over one of these babies and bring them back to life. Oh! The Drama! The Intrigue! The Humanity!!!

Now I’ll have my very own health pack with me at all times — ready for anything! Heck ya.

So, there. A little insight on life as Me. Pretty cush, huh? LOL!

Care to share a secret of your own?


10 Responses to “Dude. Look What I Just Bought…!”

  1. I love that bag and I love Flamestitch with reckless abandon. Here’s my secret: vinyl kicks my a** every single time I get near it. I can’t control it, sew it or cut it with any accuracy. I want to sew hip vinyl things and I can’t. So I live vicariously through Flamestitch (and now through you since I know there is a Flamestitch bag living so close to me!)

  2. Kayce Says:

    That’s, like, totally awesome!

    I love it… and I love your little story. I’m not big into games (it kills my husband since he makes a living making them), but I have to admit… I love HALO. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t.

  3. Trina Says:

    Well, you’ll never run out of topics of conversation with my husband :). His comment on the bag, “Oh, yeah, that’s like from old style Wolfenstein.” It is a very cool bag, I can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. Norm Says:

    ok, and the first thing I thought was M*A*S*H – does that date me? What’s HALO? Are Hawkeye and Trapper in that one too? :) Can’t wait to see the bag in person!

  5. katy Says:

    sounds like a blog about confessing guilty pleasures. mine (ONE of mine, I should say) is reading trashy magazines. in fact, i got a subscription to one as a Christmas gift. now i can’t look the mailman in the eyes. maybe i need a tote for my trashy mags. . .

  6. Dawn Says:

    Love it! :) Of course, my dirty secret isn’t much of a secret–I am a big time geek, and totally understand all this gamer speak. But I can’t play video games… FPSs make me nauseous!

  7. Looks like you found the perfect bag ! Loved the story of why it matters to you!

  8. Kimberly Ann Says:

    Very cute bag – and I get the gamer angle too. In World of Warcraft, the healing comes from health potions. I’ve been tempted to make an amigurumi version for my desk.

  9. ARC Says:

    Yay! I love it when girls like geeky things like gaming! I personally am not a gamer because I don’t have the patience to play games that require that kind of commitment :) But the purse is adorable.

    Is it actually glittery vinyl? How cool is that?!

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