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What the heck are these things for? February 22, 2008

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Remember the “Liars Club“? For those of you who were born after 1970, it was a game show where four celebrities would sit on a panel and talk about the practical use for a random object. One of them would give the right information, but the rest of them would…you guessed it…lie! It was an incredibly creative game show — well, the descriptions were creative, anyway. Sometimes they’d come up with the strangest thing-a-ma-jigs to describe! If that game show was on today, I’d have to submit these for consideration:

Mystery Sewing Machine Feet

Heidi ( brought these amazing sewing machine feet to EtsyRain’s craft swap and I pounced on them like a playful kitty on a piece of string! I know what some of them are for (the big bulky one is a ruffler foot, there are some binding tape feeding feet, zipper feet and rolled hemmers) but the rest of them — I have NO idea how they’re used!

So, I’m going to take them to a wholesale fabric and notions show at the Seattle Center tomorrow and ask around to see if anyone knows how the heck to use some of them! Especially the one with the slider bar (I’m guessing it’s for elastic?) and the other with the jaws that open up at an angle (for bias tape corners?). While I love to guess at what these feet are used for, I figure it’s best for me to take them to the pros to help me understand their true purpose. (No lying allowed)

What do YOU think they’re for???


3 Responses to “What the heck are these things for?”

  1. wendy Says:

    I’m pretty sure some of those are for larger attachements (like specialty folders) to attach to, and some are guides. I see a hemmer at the botom to the far left

  2. Trina Says:

    My mother in law would probably be able to decipher at least some of those, but I have no clue!!! Good luck at Sew Expo with getting more information.

  3. nancy the man Says:

    well i could answer
    big one on the left is for gathering, cant see the smaller one above it . middle top is a gude that gets screwed into the throat plate dead center seems to be for a hem, far right middle is i dont know .
    bottom row left to right
    2 binding feet- for binding as in place matts etc 2 zipper feet. left and right, the next one is emboidery, buttonhole such things
    bottom right are both rolled hems. its easy to look them up online if u hunt around, – do experiment with your feet if ur curious have fun!

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