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Where does the time go? June 7, 2008

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So much has happened since my last post…and honestly, I don’t know where to begin (again). So, instead, I’ll share photos of these gigantic as-big-as-a-baby’s-head amazingly beautiful poppies that were growing in a raised bed roadside garden in beautiful Ballard, WA…

I currently have this last one—>
as my desktop background…I love it!
That red-orange glow just makes me smile.
Hey, would you like to use it as your desktop too?
You would? Well, let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll send you the full-sized version of it for your desktop for free!
Why? Because I like you :)

Here’s hoping for more sun very soon! ::: crossing fingers :::


3 Responses to “Where does the time go?”

  1. paperseed Says:

    Just gorgeous! I’m so sad about our two poppy plants – one day they had big green bud-heads about to burst open and the next day the heads were gone, only the stalks were left. My husband think that maybe an animal came and ate them. I guess there is always next year. :-)

  2. kayce Says:

    We had these types of poppies at our old house. My husband hated the look of the plant (granted the previous owners did not take care of their yard). I came home from work one day… and it was gone. It was a sad day. Now I think I need to plant some of these at our new house – what great pictures!

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