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How am I ever going to make it up QA Hill?? December 20, 2008

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I have so many great Tote2Go! Double Shoppers left over from Urban Craft Uprising. I figured I would, so I agreed to do a mini-trunk show at Eat Local this Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 from 12pm to 4pm. Looking out the window, I’m wondering if it’s  a good idea to try to make it up to upper Queen Anne. The road in front of my house is *really* icy (we don’t have snow plows here in Seattle!) and…well…it is called Queen Anne HILL for a reason.

Hm. Then again I think of all the people who are anywhere East of us that know how to drive in the snow without tire chains (natch) and make it to their destinations just fine.

Am I really that much of a wuss? :P

seattle snow...

seattle snow...this is nothin' compared to the rest of the country, right?! sheesh...I am such a wuss.

That’s it. If I can get out of my driveway and onto the main road, I’m going. I may go the LONG way around, but I’m going! Read all about the event on my new Facebook page:

Oh…right. Due to being “snowed in” for two days, I updated my Facebook page and am now on Twitter! Friend and Follow me, won’t you?

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2 Responses to “How am I ever going to make it up QA Hill??”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I just learned that the DOT does not consider the 3 major roads up to the top of QA as “major arterials” – so they didn’t plow after the last 2 snow storms. There wasn’t even bus service on/from the top of the hill. Talk about feeling like a wuss – there was no way off the hill for the last 2 days, but every major road in Seattle was bare & dry…

    Hope you made it to your trunk show & home safely!

  2. Licia Says:

    I have not been anywhere (except the mailbox) in 2 weeks. Lucky I already have what I need for Christmas, assuming the family can even make it here. The garbage truck has not come in those 2 weeks either.

    Love the snowflakes on this blog as I comment :)

    Hope you are happy at home….and stay safe if you go out!

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