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About April 24, 2007

Creative by birth, Marlo has spent her whole life in search of creating the next funnest thing. Her former life includes junior high school entrepreneur (making and selling the earrings she made to her classmates), singer/dancer/actor (in Los Angeles, of course!), retail sales associate (many random retail jobs), full-time jewelry designer (since 1993 –, mentor, arts business consultant, teacher and all-around crafty gal! is the latest cookie jar she has put her hand into…

Time for an update!

Marlo has since put her hands into many other cookie jars including participating in 4 craft shows (Seattle, WA area) for the first time in, oh…let’s just say a LONG time! Including, The Fall Thing (see my post), CRAVE party (post coming soon!), Urban Craft Uprising (with Julie!) and First Thursday at stir (with Kimberlyatstir and UglyBaby amongst others!)

Augh! Why am I updating my about page?? I should be sewing!!

More later…


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Alice Chang Says:

    Hi Marlo,
    I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew and craft things since I can remember. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been ogling and drooling over all the handmade treasures people create. In June I will finally be graduating college. And since school has always been my “excuse” for not learning to sew, I have to no excuse not to. So, in your many years of experience, do you have any suggestions for me as to how and where I should start. I presume I’d need a sewing machine, right? Do you have any craft books in mind that are easy to follow for beginners to make cute stuff? I’ve seen some books at a local Michael’s or Joann’s but they look outdated. Thanks!

  2. sandra cornell Says:

    It’s amazing how we can get involved in so many different crafty projects. I’ve always thought it was bordom and we just can’t let the mind relax. My crafts include water color painting, china painting, chrocheting, and working with fabric. I’ve been sewing all sorts of items for over 30 years. Never really considered selling. However, my new mode is to sell my quilts etc. I’ve joined Etsy and started to look at the various events that have been posted with EtsyRain. I look forward to setting up my new canopy and meeting other sellers and chating about craft world.
    I live 20 miles south of Olympia. Therefore, it will be difficult to meet other Etsys. However, I definetly will try and make one of the bigger events EtsyRain offers.
    Hope to meet many of you soon, Sandra
    PS. Please visit my Etsy website, scornell

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