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Moving Day… January 2, 2010

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Seems that January 1st brings about all sorts of change. I’ve got big plans…but in order to be in on them, you need to follow me at my new blog:

See you there! :)

Advertisements – Handmade Spring featuring IMCS March 27, 2009

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IMakeCuteStuff is participating…please check it out and let me know what you think! :)

OH…super Exciting: *leave a comment* on my page to have a chance at winning one of the prizes at the end of the virtual show on April 5, 2009! (as of today, I only have ONE comment on my page…!)


Virgin America is pretty awesome… December 30, 2008

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They eventually de-iced the wings...

They eventually de-iced the wings...

A little on-board entertainment...

A little on-board entertainment...

Leather seats, music and games provided…made the 2 hour flight to LA bearable :)

We have a connection...

Got bars?

It’s weird to have permission to be lazy — aka “vacation”…


Mmmmm…Hot Cocoa December 22, 2008

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With all this weather, I tried to recall the last time I had a really great cup of hot cocoa and eventually realized it had been much too long. Years, in fact. Little did I know that P had already decided to add cocoa powder to the grocery list and surprised me with this homemade cup of goodness: about 1/2 way through before I remembered to snap a pic!

…got about 1/2 way through before I remembered to snap a pic! hahaha!
Whatever I did to deserve this man, I sure am glad I did it… ;)


Now, this is getting ridiculous. December 21, 2008

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Okay. If anyone reading this is anywhere West of the Rockies buried in many feet of snow, please forgive the whiny-ness of this post. You see, we Seattle-ites are NOT at all prepared for *any* kind of snow-type stuff to fall from the sky for more than a day or two. (read: no snow plows, no de-icing or salting any neighborhood roads. just sanding on the most used routes) So..due to ever-lovin’ climate change, the last time I looked outside it looked like this:

this is the side of our house...the side of our house…

snowy bonsai

snowy bonsai

Augh. I have so many things to finish up for the holidays and this is just making me feel like hibernating.

Okay. I’m done whining now…

Isn’t the snow Beautiful!!??! :) **It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!**


How am I ever going to make it up QA Hill?? December 20, 2008

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I have so many great Tote2Go! Double Shoppers left over from Urban Craft Uprising. I figured I would, so I agreed to do a mini-trunk show at Eat Local this Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 from 12pm to 4pm. Looking out the window, I’m wondering if it’s  a good idea to try to make it up to upper Queen Anne. The road in front of my house is *really* icy (we don’t have snow plows here in Seattle!) and…well…it is called Queen Anne HILL for a reason.

Hm. Then again I think of all the people who are anywhere East of us that know how to drive in the snow without tire chains (natch) and make it to their destinations just fine.

Am I really that much of a wuss? :P

seattle snow...

seattle snow...this is nothin' compared to the rest of the country, right?! sheesh...I am such a wuss.

That’s it. If I can get out of my driveway and onto the main road, I’m going. I may go the LONG way around, but I’m going! Read all about the event on my new Facebook page:

Oh…right. Due to being “snowed in” for two days, I updated my Facebook page and am now on Twitter! Friend and Follow me, won’t you?

On Facebook:
On Twitter:


I’m the luckiest girl in the world… December 18, 2008

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Yummy pancakes...

He's so good to me...