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OMG! I was on Etsy’s Front Page today! January 31, 2009


I am SO glad I changed my Secret Promise Ring photos recently :)
(special thanks to LiciaBeads for giving me the heads-up at 2am!)

I just checked and I got over 100 views and a bunch of hearts on that ring
oh, and a convo from someone who wants me to make a custom ring
for her to give to her fiance at their wedding! Wow…SO exciting!


How am I ever going to make it up QA Hill?? December 20, 2008

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I have so many great Tote2Go! Double Shoppers left over from Urban Craft Uprising. I figured I would, so I agreed to do a mini-trunk show at Eat Local this Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 from 12pm to 4pm. Looking out the window, I’m wondering if it’s  a good idea to try to make it up to upper Queen Anne. The road in front of my house is *really* icy (we don’t have snow plows here in Seattle!) and…well…it is called Queen Anne HILL for a reason.

Hm. Then again I think of all the people who are anywhere East of us that know how to drive in the snow without tire chains (natch) and make it to their destinations just fine.

Am I really that much of a wuss? :P

seattle snow...

seattle snow...this is nothin' compared to the rest of the country, right?! sheesh...I am such a wuss.

That’s it. If I can get out of my driveway and onto the main road, I’m going. I may go the LONG way around, but I’m going! Read all about the event on my new Facebook page:

Oh…right. Due to being “snowed in” for two days, I updated my Facebook page and am now on Twitter! Friend and Follow me, won’t you?

On Facebook:
On Twitter:


I found out what they’re for! March 13, 2008

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I showed off the sewing machine feet to MANY people at the show and stumped quite a few so-called “experts” (also known as sewing machine salespeople). Then it dawned on me…”I bet the only ones to truly know what they were would be the members of the American Sewing Guild!” And yes…of course they did! Immediately, in fact! :) They were awesome. In fact I joined the ASG right then and there! Caught up in the moment, I suppose. But a couple of ladies from the Seattle Chapter were there and they were SO nice! I sort of don’t remember what-all is included with membership, but I’m supposed to get some sort of membership package in the mail sometime soon, so maybe I’ll clue you in on it when I get it.

Anyway. Here’s what they are: Attachments for a Singer “Featherweight” machine! In fact, all of the attachments are described on a website that is all about these powerhouses of sewing fabulousness…(great. now I want one! feh. ;)

The one that opens up like a bird’s beak is an adjustable hemmer! SO awesome. I can’t wait to try this out on some new pants!

The one that is long with numbers on it is a tuck marker! It’s no wonder no one knew what this one is for…when was the last time YOU needed to make “tucks” in a garment??? haha!

Phew! Mystery solved.

See all of the amazing Featherweight attachments here:


Craft Shows can be fun! (It’s the prep that kills me…) October 30, 2007

<yawn>! Oh. My. Goodness. I really did have a great show at the “Fall Thing” in Phinney Ridge! I sold a few Tote2Go!s and even some jewelry that I managed to dig out of the depths of my backstock drawers. I had forgotten how different retails shows are from wholesale trade shows!

The customers, for instance. At a trade show, they are really obviously “looking to buy” the next best thing on the market. They scan and stop only if something truly catches their eye. When they do stop, they usually want to hear all about your work so they can decide if it’s right for their store.

At a craft show, I’d say a good portion of the shoppers are crafters too — so when they stop to look, they’re sometimes just checking out the craftsmanship and/or the price point. (That’s all cool with me. To be honest, I do it too) And the other people are really just taking some time out of their weekend hoping to find that perfect holiday gift a little earlier this year…knowing full well that they may just find themselves at Target on Christmas Eve. Augh!

Personally, I’d really like to give and get a 100% handmade holiday this year. In retrospect, relying on big-box retailers has created more stress than it’s worth — running here, there and everywhere trying to find the store with the right item at the right price…then trying to find the right gift wrap and card and…oh my. I’m getting stressed out just thinking of it.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that by purchasing something from an artist and/or an artist-friendly boutique you’d be supporting small businesses and making an immediate difference in the life of an artist? Heck ya. That’s a Happy Holiday in my book! has created a website dedicated to this concept…check it out and take the pledge to Buy Handmade this holiday! Yay!


Have you seen this? October 3, 2007

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So, I’m at my sewing machine today, trying to keep my mind off of the fact that I’ve committed to more shows this upcoming season than I have in years by listening to (awesome site. if you haven’t heard of it, click and check it out. it’s totally free!). I work so much better when I’m grooving to Joss Stone or Alicia Keys…

Then I take a break to peruse (what else?) and popped into the Storque to see what’s new. Then I saw this:

That caused an avalanche of video stream watching that kept me occupied and educated while slaving away at the sewing machine. It was SOOO great! I watched almost every video on their site:

technology and the future from the storque

I can’t wait for them to make more!!


Have you seen what CraftyPod in PDX has done lately? October 1, 2007

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Okay. First, let me say that I love, love, LOVE living in Seattle. I’ve been all over the country and have to say, this is my Home. I love everything about it…save for one thing: The lack of a truly cohesive, supportive creative community. Granted, Carrie and the members of the newly formed EtsyRain (aka: Etsy Seattle street team) are doing what we can to change all of that…but change is slow going here in the Emerald City.

When it comes to coordinating and encouraging a bunch of crafty individuals to get out of their homes/studios and get together to make things really happen, nothing can top what Portland (OR) has done for themselves! For example: They’ve got Sister Diane who runs CraftyPod and DIY Alert (amongst other things!) who has recently posted THIS — “Mapping the Crafty” — a Google Map showing all of the craft / DIY shops, boutiques, supply stores and even places to learn stuff on one convenient map!

I can’t even imagine how much work went into creating such a thing…it’s amazing.

CraftyPod Google Map image

Rock on, Sister Diane — you are truly awesome.

(Thanks to for posting it on their blog — you totally rock as well…)