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The Eat Local EtsyRAIN Mini-trunk show.. December 21, 2008

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We had a great display...

We had a great display...

eatlocal 1220081

...don't you think?

A handful of EtsyRAIN artists took a chance and participated a very VERY last-minute show at Eat Local in Queen Anne. The show featured:

We had a great time getting to know each other a little better…it was just too bad the weather was so horrible that few customers made it into the store :(

Some of us sold some stuff…some of us sold none. Ah well. That’s the way the snow falls ;) You can be sure we’ll do more EtsyRAIN collaborations at Eat Local in 2009!


How am I ever going to make it up QA Hill?? December 20, 2008

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I have so many great Tote2Go! Double Shoppers left over from Urban Craft Uprising. I figured I would, so I agreed to do a mini-trunk show at Eat Local this Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 from 12pm to 4pm. Looking out the window, I’m wondering if it’s  a good idea to try to make it up to upper Queen Anne. The road in front of my house is *really* icy (we don’t have snow plows here in Seattle!) and…well…it is called Queen Anne HILL for a reason.

Hm. Then again I think of all the people who are anywhere East of us that know how to drive in the snow without tire chains (natch) and make it to their destinations just fine.

Am I really that much of a wuss? :P

seattle snow...

seattle snow...this is nothin' compared to the rest of the country, right?! sheesh...I am such a wuss.

That’s it. If I can get out of my driveway and onto the main road, I’m going. I may go the LONG way around, but I’m going! Read all about the event on my new Facebook page:

Oh…right. Due to being “snowed in” for two days, I updated my Facebook page and am now on Twitter! Friend and Follow me, won’t you?

On Facebook:
On Twitter:


A day in the life of a Hail-man… April 19, 2008

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What’s a “Hail-man”?? Well…it’s like a snowman…but…well. You can figure it out from there, right?

Don’t ask me why I’m still awake. It could be all the sugar I just ate…who knows. I should be sleeping, since I spent all day in Renton (WA) doing my first OUTdoor show in a LOT of years…(my last outdoor show was sometime before 1997…in S. California…where rain pretty much stops everyone from going out.) and it was an experience and a half!

Wow. What a show. I was next to Beth and across from Meghan with Rosalie/Doug and Laura (sharing a booth) just down a few booths [edit: OMG. I completely forgot to mention that Halina was just a few booths away as well! Sorry Halina!]. The drive there was so rainy…but it let up just a little bit – just enough to give everyone hope for setting up.

Luckily, I had (wonderful) P with me, so I was very very lucky. Beth and Meghan were all by themselves. We all helped each other get the canopies set up (Yay for EZ-up canopies) and eventually got a break from the rain when the show opened at noon.

A few people here and there. But LOTS of weather all day long! As Meghan so accurately put it, “We’re going to see every form of precipitation possible today!” And she was right. Rain. No rain. Pellet-sized hailstones. No rain. Drizzle. No drizzle. Pea-sized hailstones. No rain. Rain with sunshine. No rain. Rain with no sunshine. Then…pea-sized hailstones coming down hard enough for Paul to make this:


Aww…isn’t he CUTE??
Oh, and I guess I’ll mention that P spent most of the rest of the day caring for the little guy
…putting his nose and arms back in whenever they fell out…what a sweetie.

Then…More rain. LOTS more rain. Oh, and did I mention that it kept getting colder? I actually brought a propane tank and a heater thingy to use…but forgot my wrench, so it wasn’t safe to light it. <le sigh> As Doug mentioned, “It’s probably worse that you HAVE a heater but can’t use it!” Yep. It was. Thanks Doug. :P

Finally, show management took pity on us and let us start packing up an hour early just after the rain stopped for a moment. Luckily, we all helped each other get packed up as quickly as possible and we all got out of there before the rain started again! Phew!

I personally sold a couple of things, but I’m not sure how others fared. I was in good spirits, but it was a tough crowd. Made tougher with all the puddles of water. Good thing this was a super cheap show to do.

The best thing about the show for me (besides having so many awesome EtsyRain neighbors!) was that the show management (Arts Unlimited of Renton) was super-awesome. Very caring and helpful. Great people to do shows with…highly recommended to anyone considering doing some shows in Renton, WA :)

Now all my Tote2Go! Double Shoppers are hanging in my apartment drying out and waiting to be photographed so I can put more of them in the shop. Always so much to do…


If Sewing Machines Could Scream… March 27, 2008

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If sewing machines could scream…
so many Tote2Go!s
…mine would be saying, “Stop the Madness!!!!”

With the help of 6 of my best-est friends (you know who you are!) I was able to create 100+ Tote2Go! Double Shoppers for this weekend’s NW Womens’ Show Green Living Expo at the Qwest Event Center (next to Qwest Stadium and across from Safeco Field), March 28 – 30, 2008 from 10am to 6pm each day. This show will mark the official launch of the Tote2Go! website: — one of my many “things to do” for 2008! Check! (love checking things off that list!)

Please come and find me upstairs on the mezzanine level in booth #198 sharing with (creator of the Tote2Go! logo and website) as well as a plethora of artists from all over the PNW thanks to Tarah of

What is Tote2Go!?
Tote2Go! tote bags are created using only recycled, repurposed and remnant fabrics. Each “Double Shopper” is actually a set of two tote bags that fit together and fold into their own handy pocket for easy shopping! The fabric choices are limited to what I can find and are always changing. (For instance: One queen sized sheet yields 2 to 3 sets of Tote2Go! Double Shoppers) I always do my best to minimize waste and use the entire piece of fabric whenever possible. Pockets, zip pouches and quilt blocks are all created from Tote2Go! scrap fabric!


Oh my goodness. Is it 2008 already??? January 11, 2008

::: slowly coming out of hibernation ::: Sincere apologies for the long absence! My brain is bursting with new ideas and plans for 2008! “What ideas, Marlo?” you ask? Well. If you’re at all interested, we can take a little look-see at what’s on the agenda in 2008 for IMakeCuteStuff, Tote2Go! , Marlo M. Jewelry Design and Creative Arts Consulting (Marlo M. Consulting). (Note to self: Priority – Avoid starting any new business ventures! LOL!)

  • IMakeCuteStuff shop makeover
    • new items
    • new pictures
    • lather, rinse, repeat
  • EtsyRain – Etsy Seattle Street Team EtsyRain Spring Craft Shows
    • Edmonds – May 10, 2008 (more info to come!)
    • Tacoma (?)
    • Seattle (?)
    • EtsyRain Workshops and Events
      • Craft Swap – Jan. 13, 2008
      • Starting / running / growing your Etsy shop
      • Going from retail to wholesale
      • Craft nights (fun!)
      • Photography workshops
      • Lots more in the works too!
      • Go EtsyRain Go!
    • — New Website!
      • Learn how to take amazing pictures of all the Tote2Go! styles
      • Create marketing plan to share Tote2Go!s with the world!
    • Marlo M. Jewelry Design – my “day job” – my own line of hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry
      • Design new work
      • Create marketing plan to share new designs with boutiques and galleries
      • Update website
    • Creative Arts Consulting – new website – (aka: Marlo M. Consulting)
      • Develop new website for CAC
      • Start CAC blog?
      • Continue to work with current clients build their businesses
      • Find new clients to help grow their creative businesses

    Wow. That is a lot of stuff. Hmmm..before I’m tempted to go back into hibernation, I’ll post this:

    happy cactus family

    Happy Cactus Family! Yay! Pincushions and polymer clay ornaments…so cute!


    One last holiday craft fair! December 11, 2007

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    This is where you’ll find all of my latest Tote2Go! tote bags and NEW double grocery Tote2Go!s

    This weekend at my good friend and Urban Fashion Network founder, Tarah Prater-Perini’s “Holiday Shopping Extravaganza”!

    I heard that the FOOD is reason enough to show up…Well — that, and all of the super-great crafts to support your “buy handmade” pledge!

    Holiday Craft Show in Queen Anne…Seattle, WA

    Urban Craft Uprising This Weekend! November 30, 2007

    Oh yeah…I totally forgot to officially blog about Urban Craft Uprising this weekend! Silly me.

    Anywhoo — it is definitely ON this weekend! There’ll be 120 vendors including me with a half-a-booth full of my newest Tote2Go! designs. (Julie’s Common Object Jewelry will be in the other half!). I’m so honored to be a part of this show — I love everything about the concept and seriously…the quality of the crafts are always top-notch (if I do say so myself…hehe).

    Do yourself and your holiday shopping list a favor and BUY HANDMADE this holiday! Supporting independent artists is the wave of the future, didn’t you know? Some of the best in the Pacific Northwest region will be at Urban Craft Uprising — December 1st and 2nd, 2007 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Center.

    Click the logo below to go directly to the Urban Craft Uprising site for all the info as well as directions to the venue!

    Urban Craft Uprising’s Website click here! (new window)

    Oh…one more thing — I’ll have a bunch of new totes / purses as well as a huge new collection of my super-new double-grocery totes all made out of repurposed, recycled and remnant fabrics! Leave a comment here (make sure I have a way to contact you) and I’ll email you a coupon for 20% off your purchase of Tote2Go! valid at UCU only! Nice, right? :) See you there!