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Puget Sound Indie Arts (PSIA) Art & Craft Show in Edmonds, WA May 9, 2008

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Puget Sound Indie Arts (PSIA) Art & Craft Show @ ArtWorks in Edmonds, WA
Saturday May 10, 2008 – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Oh Boy! There’s nothing better than a craft show. Well…unless that craft show is handing out FREE “swag” bags. Not just ANY swag bags either…these are totally Handmade Bags Stuffed FULL of Handmade Goodies from Puget Sound artists! The catch? Only the first 50 customers through the door will get one, so you’d better be there when we open at 9:30am!

Can’t make it to the show by 9:30am? Well, you’re in luck! Once an hour, we’ll be giving a “Super Swag Bag” away to a lucky shopper (you must be present to win).

Yep. That sounds like a winning combination to me.
Wanna check it out? What? You’ll *think* about it? Hm…did you see the word FREE up there? Yeah…you want to be there…I saw the swag bags and the stuff that’s in them…You DEFINITELY want to be there! :)

Here’s a complete list of the artists who will bet there:

Sweetpeacardgifts – she’s the organized this show!
Imakecutestuff <- That’s Me!
Please stop by and say hello!
Super-Secret Just-For-You Bonus:
Mention this post and I’ll give you a free gift with any Tote2Go! purchase
(More FREE stuff!? Wowee! Now you HAVE to be there :)

A day in the life of a Hail-man… April 19, 2008

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What’s a “Hail-man”?? Well…it’s like a snowman…but…well. You can figure it out from there, right?

Don’t ask me why I’m still awake. It could be all the sugar I just ate…who knows. I should be sleeping, since I spent all day in Renton (WA) doing my first OUTdoor show in a LOT of years…(my last outdoor show was sometime before 1997…in S. California…where rain pretty much stops everyone from going out.) and it was an experience and a half!

Wow. What a show. I was next to Beth and across from Meghan with Rosalie/Doug and Laura (sharing a booth) just down a few booths [edit: OMG. I completely forgot to mention that Halina was just a few booths away as well! Sorry Halina!]. The drive there was so rainy…but it let up just a little bit – just enough to give everyone hope for setting up.

Luckily, I had (wonderful) P with me, so I was very very lucky. Beth and Meghan were all by themselves. We all helped each other get the canopies set up (Yay for EZ-up canopies) and eventually got a break from the rain when the show opened at noon.

A few people here and there. But LOTS of weather all day long! As Meghan so accurately put it, “We’re going to see every form of precipitation possible today!” And she was right. Rain. No rain. Pellet-sized hailstones. No rain. Drizzle. No drizzle. Pea-sized hailstones. No rain. Rain with sunshine. No rain. Rain with no sunshine. Then…pea-sized hailstones coming down hard enough for Paul to make this:


Aww…isn’t he CUTE??
Oh, and I guess I’ll mention that P spent most of the rest of the day caring for the little guy
…putting his nose and arms back in whenever they fell out…what a sweetie.

Then…More rain. LOTS more rain. Oh, and did I mention that it kept getting colder? I actually brought a propane tank and a heater thingy to use…but forgot my wrench, so it wasn’t safe to light it. <le sigh> As Doug mentioned, “It’s probably worse that you HAVE a heater but can’t use it!” Yep. It was. Thanks Doug. :P

Finally, show management took pity on us and let us start packing up an hour early just after the rain stopped for a moment. Luckily, we all helped each other get packed up as quickly as possible and we all got out of there before the rain started again! Phew!

I personally sold a couple of things, but I’m not sure how others fared. I was in good spirits, but it was a tough crowd. Made tougher with all the puddles of water. Good thing this was a super cheap show to do.

The best thing about the show for me (besides having so many awesome EtsyRain neighbors!) was that the show management (Arts Unlimited of Renton) was super-awesome. Very caring and helpful. Great people to do shows with…highly recommended to anyone considering doing some shows in Renton, WA :)

Now all my Tote2Go! Double Shoppers are hanging in my apartment drying out and waiting to be photographed so I can put more of them in the shop. Always so much to do…


If Sewing Machines Could Scream… March 27, 2008

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If sewing machines could scream…
so many Tote2Go!s
…mine would be saying, “Stop the Madness!!!!”

With the help of 6 of my best-est friends (you know who you are!) I was able to create 100+ Tote2Go! Double Shoppers for this weekend’s NW Womens’ Show Green Living Expo at the Qwest Event Center (next to Qwest Stadium and across from Safeco Field), March 28 – 30, 2008 from 10am to 6pm each day. This show will mark the official launch of the Tote2Go! website: — one of my many “things to do” for 2008! Check! (love checking things off that list!)

Please come and find me upstairs on the mezzanine level in booth #198 sharing with (creator of the Tote2Go! logo and website) as well as a plethora of artists from all over the PNW thanks to Tarah of

What is Tote2Go!?
Tote2Go! tote bags are created using only recycled, repurposed and remnant fabrics. Each “Double Shopper” is actually a set of two tote bags that fit together and fold into their own handy pocket for easy shopping! The fabric choices are limited to what I can find and are always changing. (For instance: One queen sized sheet yields 2 to 3 sets of Tote2Go! Double Shoppers) I always do my best to minimize waste and use the entire piece of fabric whenever possible. Pockets, zip pouches and quilt blocks are all created from Tote2Go! scrap fabric!


I found out what they’re for! March 13, 2008

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I showed off the sewing machine feet to MANY people at the show and stumped quite a few so-called “experts” (also known as sewing machine salespeople). Then it dawned on me…”I bet the only ones to truly know what they were would be the members of the American Sewing Guild!” And yes…of course they did! Immediately, in fact! :) They were awesome. In fact I joined the ASG right then and there! Caught up in the moment, I suppose. But a couple of ladies from the Seattle Chapter were there and they were SO nice! I sort of don’t remember what-all is included with membership, but I’m supposed to get some sort of membership package in the mail sometime soon, so maybe I’ll clue you in on it when I get it.

Anyway. Here’s what they are: Attachments for a Singer “Featherweight” machine! In fact, all of the attachments are described on a website that is all about these powerhouses of sewing fabulousness…(great. now I want one! feh. ;)

The one that opens up like a bird’s beak is an adjustable hemmer! SO awesome. I can’t wait to try this out on some new pants!

The one that is long with numbers on it is a tuck marker! It’s no wonder no one knew what this one is for…when was the last time YOU needed to make “tucks” in a garment??? haha!

Phew! Mystery solved.

See all of the amazing Featherweight attachments here:


What the heck are these things for? February 22, 2008

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Remember the “Liars Club“? For those of you who were born after 1970, it was a game show where four celebrities would sit on a panel and talk about the practical use for a random object. One of them would give the right information, but the rest of them would…you guessed it…lie! It was an incredibly creative game show — well, the descriptions were creative, anyway. Sometimes they’d come up with the strangest thing-a-ma-jigs to describe! If that game show was on today, I’d have to submit these for consideration:

Mystery Sewing Machine Feet

Heidi ( brought these amazing sewing machine feet to EtsyRain’s craft swap and I pounced on them like a playful kitty on a piece of string! I know what some of them are for (the big bulky one is a ruffler foot, there are some binding tape feeding feet, zipper feet and rolled hemmers) but the rest of them — I have NO idea how they’re used!

So, I’m going to take them to a wholesale fabric and notions show at the Seattle Center tomorrow and ask around to see if anyone knows how the heck to use some of them! Especially the one with the slider bar (I’m guessing it’s for elastic?) and the other with the jaws that open up at an angle (for bias tape corners?). While I love to guess at what these feet are used for, I figure it’s best for me to take them to the pros to help me understand their true purpose. (No lying allowed)

What do YOU think they’re for???


Dude. Look What I Just Bought…! February 6, 2008

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Yeah. I said it. “Dude…” That, along with my “valley girl” accent are stubborn leftovers from my “other” life in that far-away land of Los Angeles. Yuuuuuup. But I won’t get into that right now.

But I will tell you about the amazing, astounding, fantastical, beautiful most gamer-licious thing I just purchased today from Flamestitch on Etsy. Well, first I’ll show you:

Health Purse by

BTW, I found this via a post on (check out her profile — she is awesome!)

I know….RIGHT?? Awesome. I am giddy with excitement over this!!

Okay. For those of you who don’t know why I would be so excited over a big red crossed bag, here’s a bit of back story:

I love playing video games. I do. I tend to go through phases where I don’t sleep, don’t eat and generally don’t get any work done while I’m playing a game. I did it with the Final Fantasy series (heart!), the Halo series (love!) and most recently, BioShock (rosie rocks!) and Mass Effect (commander shepard rules). OMG. How I love RPGs and FPSs (to be clear, I prefer to shoot at aliens and not actual people, but I do what I have to do to survive…hehe).

In many of these games, you run around shooting and getting shot at all day long. Unlike real life, you oftentimes have the luck of running across these cool little “health packs” that will restore a small (or large) amount of “health” to your character. My characters are usually on their last breath before I can run over one of these babies and bring them back to life. Oh! The Drama! The Intrigue! The Humanity!!!

Now I’ll have my very own health pack with me at all times — ready for anything! Heck ya.

So, there. A little insight on life as Me. Pretty cush, huh? LOL!

Care to share a secret of your own?


How Etsy is Renewing My Faith in Valentine’s Day… January 28, 2008

So I’m a little Etsy-obsessed. I admit it. I stay up until all hours of the night, reading articles, shopping, checking out the numerous ways to find things, shopping, checking my shop, checking out other people’s shops, shopping …oh, and sometimes I actually sell stuff! How awesome is that?!

The stuff that’s been selling lately? It being Valentine’s Day…my Secret Promise Rings, of course. Every now and then, I get a “convo” (inter-Etsy email) from someone who wants to know if I can create a ring for their loved one with some super-special sentiment stamped inside. I love hearing the stories about how sneaky they had to be to get the right ring size!

The promise rings I’ve created for people range anywhere from the simply sweet (You Are My Sunshine), to the my current challenge of including an “æ” with my all-uppercase letter stamps to complete an Icelandic phrase and then fitting it and a date into a teeny-tiny size 4.5 ring. Yeah. I had no idea what that symbol was, so I had to Google it (of course)! I’ll save you some trouble — here’s the Wikipedia link: Æ (minuscule: æ) is a grapheme formed from the letters a and e.

Romance is truly in the air and I’m thankful to be a small part of such celebrations of the heart…Love Rules.

Secret Promise Rings — available at

Secret Promise Rings available on