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Virgin America is pretty awesome… December 30, 2008

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They eventually de-iced the wings...

They eventually de-iced the wings...

A little on-board entertainment...

A little on-board entertainment...

Leather seats, music and games provided…made the 2 hour flight to LA bearable :)

We have a connection...

Got bars?

It’s weird to have permission to be lazy — aka “vacation”…


What the heck are these things for? February 22, 2008

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Remember the “Liars Club“? For those of you who were born after 1970, it was a game show where four celebrities would sit on a panel and talk about the practical use for a random object. One of them would give the right information, but the rest of them would…you guessed it…lie! It was an incredibly creative game show — well, the descriptions were creative, anyway. Sometimes they’d come up with the strangest thing-a-ma-jigs to describe! If that game show was on today, I’d have to submit these for consideration:

Mystery Sewing Machine Feet

Heidi ( brought these amazing sewing machine feet to EtsyRain’s craft swap and I pounced on them like a playful kitty on a piece of string! I know what some of them are for (the big bulky one is a ruffler foot, there are some binding tape feeding feet, zipper feet and rolled hemmers) but the rest of them — I have NO idea how they’re used!

So, I’m going to take them to a wholesale fabric and notions show at the Seattle Center tomorrow and ask around to see if anyone knows how the heck to use some of them! Especially the one with the slider bar (I’m guessing it’s for elastic?) and the other with the jaws that open up at an angle (for bias tape corners?). While I love to guess at what these feet are used for, I figure it’s best for me to take them to the pros to help me understand their true purpose. (No lying allowed)

What do YOU think they’re for???


Oh my goodness. Is it 2008 already??? January 11, 2008

::: slowly coming out of hibernation ::: Sincere apologies for the long absence! My brain is bursting with new ideas and plans for 2008! “What ideas, Marlo?” you ask? Well. If you’re at all interested, we can take a little look-see at what’s on the agenda in 2008 for IMakeCuteStuff, Tote2Go! , Marlo M. Jewelry Design and Creative Arts Consulting (Marlo M. Consulting). (Note to self: Priority – Avoid starting any new business ventures! LOL!)

  • IMakeCuteStuff shop makeover
    • new items
    • new pictures
    • lather, rinse, repeat
  • EtsyRain – Etsy Seattle Street Team EtsyRain Spring Craft Shows
    • Edmonds – May 10, 2008 (more info to come!)
    • Tacoma (?)
    • Seattle (?)
    • EtsyRain Workshops and Events
      • Craft Swap – Jan. 13, 2008
      • Starting / running / growing your Etsy shop
      • Going from retail to wholesale
      • Craft nights (fun!)
      • Photography workshops
      • Lots more in the works too!
      • Go EtsyRain Go!
    • — New Website!
      • Learn how to take amazing pictures of all the Tote2Go! styles
      • Create marketing plan to share Tote2Go!s with the world!
    • Marlo M. Jewelry Design – my “day job” – my own line of hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry
      • Design new work
      • Create marketing plan to share new designs with boutiques and galleries
      • Update website
    • Creative Arts Consulting – new website – (aka: Marlo M. Consulting)
      • Develop new website for CAC
      • Start CAC blog?
      • Continue to work with current clients build their businesses
      • Find new clients to help grow their creative businesses

    Wow. That is a lot of stuff. Hmmm..before I’m tempted to go back into hibernation, I’ll post this:

    happy cactus family

    Happy Cactus Family! Yay! Pincushions and polymer clay ornaments…so cute!


    Featuring Etsy on “Craftivism” for BlogActionDay! October 15, 2007

    For my blog post on “Blog Action Day” (see: I am compelled to feature my favorite site, Etsy once again.

    As a community, Etsy is an amazing resource not only for “all things handmade” but also for information on how we, as artists, can join the movement toward a healthier environmental future. Case in point: Etsy’s “Craftivism” Storque blog post on “Upcycling for Greener Living” written by Etsy’s own “TeenAngster” — here’s an excerpt:

    Upcycling brings hope as a fresh concept and solution for the many environmental dilemmas the earth currently faces. The idea of taking would-be garbage and reimagining, reusing and reinventing its significance is really quite a novel idea: the materials are free and in frightening abundance, there are (hypothetically) no unhealthy aftereffects for the earth, and consumers gain the satisfaction of reusing something potentially wasteful in a new and exciting context, again and again.”

    I love how TeenAngster defines the clear difference between the similar-sounding terms, “recycled” and “upcycled” best of all (another excerpt):

    “You may ask what the difference is between upcycling and recycling, as they seem quite similar. According to Cradle to Cradle, recycling is actually an example of “downcycling,” whereby unrecoverable and unusable by-products are created in the recycling process. By recycling items toward uses that were never intended during their original production process (example: soda bottles into carpeting), they are effectively “wrestled” into a form that requires as much energy (or moreso) to produce than manufacturing a new carpet. In the end, the rug is ultimately still on its way to a landfill, creating “eventual waste.””

    Ever wondered what the world would be like if upcycling became the norm? I urge you to check out the original blog post on Etsy’s Blog “The Storque” to find out!

    blog action day!


    Have you read the Ikeahacker blog today? October 13, 2007

    Oh yay! I just got word that my “Tote2Go!” upcycled tote bags are featured on Ikeahacker’s blog today! Even better, it is their featured post for BlogActionDay! I am so excited…I totally heart being featured on blogs. It makes me feel special  ;) hehe

    Check out the post and come back on October 15th to see my official BlogActionDay post!

    bright tote2go back  bright tote2go folded

    My Tote2Go! totes really started with a pile of scrap fabric given to me by Julie Charles of — she put these amazing Ikea drapes up in her house(boat) and gave me the yards and yards of fabric she trimmed off the ends! The concept was to make a reusable grocery tote that was super-cute and sturdy, so I used  an actual plastic grocery bag as the original pattern.

    Since then, I’ve created my own pattern (see my previous post) and but still only use recycled, reclaimed and remnant fabrics for all my totes and purses. It forces me to be creative and uses fabrics that would eventually end up in the trash bin…I love it!


    I’m feeling lots better…Yay Zinc & Vitamin C! :) September 11, 2007

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    Thanks for all the well-wishes, my friends! I am definitely feeling better. I’m telling you…that zinc / vitamin C thing really works for me! I start with the “Zicam” nasal spray as soon as I feel even a little bit sick and then take 1500 mgs of vitamin C (ester-c) in the morning and evening. I did a lot of research on it and most of it agrees that *if* you catch it early enough, doing these things along with LOTS of liquids and rest can stop a cold in its tracks! Well…guff or not, I am a believer!

    While I was running away from my cold this weekend, I had a chance to post a couple of little “zakka” style basket bags that I made a while ago. They are super-cute! I hope to make more soon…I heart them a lot!

    red zakka-style basket bag here’s the red one… green zakka-style basket bag and the green one! Super cute!

    (you can go ahead and click on the pictures to go directly to their listing pages if ya wanna! :)


    Colby-jack (the goldfish) is sick… August 13, 2007

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    I love animals. I get attached. Yes, even to goldfish. But now…Oh man. I think I might have killed my goldfish. I feel SOOOO horrible! My intentions were good — clean the tank, give him a friend — but I think something went wrong. I don’t know what, though. I tested the water and everything looks fine. I think the stress was too much for him. But he’s still alive…barely. <sigh> I’m going to try to set up a hospice tank today and hope for the best. Please send good thoughts our way…thank you!

    Update —

    So, Colby-Jack didn’t make it. (S)he put up valiant fight and will be missed. I blogged all about it on my Indiepublic blog and had the sweetest memorial given to Colby-Jack by CraftZombie:

    rip colby-jack
    thanks CraftZombie…you’re the best :)