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EtsyRAIN’s 1st Birthday! August 1, 2008

Last year at this time, I was busy bugging Carrie ( to post ideas for events, coffee get togethers and meetings for the newly formed EtsyRAIN Meetup. A few weeks (days?) later, Carrie made me an Assistant Organizer so I could quit bugging her and put my many ideas to work…smart gal!

Eventually, Carrie got so super-busy building her business, raising the ever-so-adorable Finn and other Mom-type stuff, she handed over the Organizer role to me…and I’ve been LOVEing every minute of it!

Since the Edmonds show, we’ve had a lot of events that have kept me busy (and away from blogging…so sorry about that!) Such as…

Inter-EtsyRAIN Swap & Shop

Inter-EtsyRAIN Swap & Shop - June 8, 2008

I realized that even though we are oftentimes at the same craft show events, we’re usually so busy selling our own stuff that we never have time to actually buy each other’s work! The answer – The Inter-EtsyRAIN Shop/Swap! Everyone brought some leftover craft supplies, some samples of their own work, displayed it on tables and had a great time talking, shopping and swapping goodies without the interruption of “customers”…a good time was had by all!

Ballard Senior Center Show

Ballard Senior Center Show - June 28, 2008

The Ballard Senior Center/EtsyRAIN Craft Show was fantastic…our second-ever EtsyRAIN produced member’s only show! We had about 25 vendors and the Ballard Senior Center had a BBQ fundraiser. It brought some much needed awareness of the center to the local community and we had a great time too!

Tote2Go! at Mill Creek - July 12 & 13, 2008

Tote2Go! at Mill Creek - July 12 & 13, 2008

A few weeks later, a bunch of EtsyRAIN members had their own booths at the Mill Creek Festival — ArtbyNorm, RozsSaxSeattle, WovenChains and WorldofWhimm were nearby…and ItsMadeAtHome / TomatoTomato were just down the row. With so many familiar faces around, it turned out to be a great show.

Upcoming EtsyRAIN events include collaborative booths at Showcase Tacoma on August 8th & 9th and GreenEdmonds on September 13th as well as a big EtsyRAIN show at St. Edward State Park in Kenmore on October 12th!

There is SO much more to share…but that will have to wait for another day.

For those EtsyRAIN members who are reading this…Happy 1st Birthday to you! After all, YOU are the reason EtsyRAIN is so successful and I appreciate your support and participation in all of our events and our message board. We’re coming up on some great things…be sure to stay informed! :)

Go EtsyRAIN Go!!!


Puget Sound Indie Arts (PSIA) Art & Craft Show in Edmonds, WA May 9, 2008

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Puget Sound Indie Arts (PSIA) Art & Craft Show @ ArtWorks in Edmonds, WA
Saturday May 10, 2008 – 9:30am to 4:30pm

Oh Boy! There’s nothing better than a craft show. Well…unless that craft show is handing out FREE “swag” bags. Not just ANY swag bags either…these are totally Handmade Bags Stuffed FULL of Handmade Goodies from Puget Sound artists! The catch? Only the first 50 customers through the door will get one, so you’d better be there when we open at 9:30am!

Can’t make it to the show by 9:30am? Well, you’re in luck! Once an hour, we’ll be giving a “Super Swag Bag” away to a lucky shopper (you must be present to win).

Yep. That sounds like a winning combination to me.
Wanna check it out? What? You’ll *think* about it? Hm…did you see the word FREE up there? Yeah…you want to be there…I saw the swag bags and the stuff that’s in them…You DEFINITELY want to be there! :)

Here’s a complete list of the artists who will bet there:

Sweetpeacardgifts – she’s the organized this show!
Imakecutestuff <- That’s Me!
Please stop by and say hello!
Super-Secret Just-For-You Bonus:
Mention this post and I’ll give you a free gift with any Tote2Go! purchase
(More FREE stuff!? Wowee! Now you HAVE to be there :)

One last holiday craft fair! December 11, 2007

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This is where you’ll find all of my latest Tote2Go! tote bags and NEW double grocery Tote2Go!s

This weekend at my good friend and Urban Fashion Network founder, Tarah Prater-Perini’s “Holiday Shopping Extravaganza”!

I heard that the FOOD is reason enough to show up…Well — that, and all of the super-great crafts to support your “buy handmade” pledge!

Holiday Craft Show in Queen Anne…Seattle, WA

Urban Craft Uprising This Weekend! November 30, 2007

Oh yeah…I totally forgot to officially blog about Urban Craft Uprising this weekend! Silly me.

Anywhoo — it is definitely ON this weekend! There’ll be 120 vendors including me with a half-a-booth full of my newest Tote2Go! designs. (Julie’s Common Object Jewelry will be in the other half!). I’m so honored to be a part of this show — I love everything about the concept and seriously…the quality of the crafts are always top-notch (if I do say so myself…hehe).

Do yourself and your holiday shopping list a favor and BUY HANDMADE this holiday! Supporting independent artists is the wave of the future, didn’t you know? Some of the best in the Pacific Northwest region will be at Urban Craft Uprising — December 1st and 2nd, 2007 at the Seattle Center Exhibition Center.

Click the logo below to go directly to the Urban Craft Uprising site for all the info as well as directions to the venue!

Urban Craft Uprising’s Website click here! (new window)

Oh…one more thing — I’ll have a bunch of new totes / purses as well as a huge new collection of my super-new double-grocery totes all made out of repurposed, recycled and remnant fabrics! Leave a comment here (make sure I have a way to contact you) and I’ll email you a coupon for 20% off your purchase of Tote2Go! valid at UCU only! Nice, right? :) See you there!


Fun with clay = Cuteness…Oh My! November 15, 2007

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EtsyRain has a holiday party coming up in December and part of the festivities will be an ornament exchange. We discussed this on the EtsyRain message board and Kimberly (that clever, clever girl!) said something about “envisioning a tiny Norm trapped in a bubble”. LOL! All I could think of was a mini Norm made of polymer clay stuck in an ornament! So — I invited Heidi (aka: Norm) to my place to play with clay for the day!

We had lots of fun and Norm turned out super-cute! I don’t have pics of the mini-Norms (yet) but I do have pics of my own Cactus Guys — and OMG they are CUte! (if I do say so myself…hahaha). Here’s a pic with one of my Cactus Pincushions and the two mini-Cactus Guy ornaments I made out of polymer clay…check out the sewing machine bobbin for scale:

mini cacti with cactus pincushion

How cute are they?? I can’t wait to make more of them!! :D


Oh Yay! I finally conquered my fear of zippers!!! November 12, 2007

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Well, I wasn’t afraid of zippers, per se — I was more afraid of learning how to put zippers into things! After buying a TON of zippers online (they are still on sale on starting at $.15 for 5″ or 6″ lengths in all sorts of colors! Go now to stock up!) I was determined to give it a go! To my surprise, it really wasn’t too bad! I did have a bit of a learning curve, but after a few tries, here’s what I ended up with:

yay! my zippered pouches are so cute!

How cute are they! Yay Zippers!  I love learning new things…so much fun!


EtsyRain is getting together this weekend to put together some EtsyRain  “Sampler” style gift bags full of various $10 items to list at half-price in some of our shops to promote EtsyRain — I think I’m going to include these in the mix!

They’ll probably go into the swag bags for Urban Craft Uprising too! If you want a swag bag, you’d better make sure to get there REALLY early! I’ve heard there are only going to be 200 of them available! I could be wrong…but it would be so cool to get one, right?? Yep. Show up early…the line goes around the block by show opening. (or so I’ve been told)

Speaking of craft shows, they are pretty much the reason I haven’t been posting lately. My plan is to post a “holiday show recap” at the end of the season to offer my thoughts on the different shows and venues I was able to see and participate in this show season. I’m looking forward to writing that one :)

Okay. Back to sewing zippers! Yay Zippers!


Featuring Etsy on “Craftivism” for BlogActionDay! October 15, 2007

For my blog post on “Blog Action Day” (see: I am compelled to feature my favorite site, Etsy once again.

As a community, Etsy is an amazing resource not only for “all things handmade” but also for information on how we, as artists, can join the movement toward a healthier environmental future. Case in point: Etsy’s “Craftivism” Storque blog post on “Upcycling for Greener Living” written by Etsy’s own “TeenAngster” — here’s an excerpt:

Upcycling brings hope as a fresh concept and solution for the many environmental dilemmas the earth currently faces. The idea of taking would-be garbage and reimagining, reusing and reinventing its significance is really quite a novel idea: the materials are free and in frightening abundance, there are (hypothetically) no unhealthy aftereffects for the earth, and consumers gain the satisfaction of reusing something potentially wasteful in a new and exciting context, again and again.”

I love how TeenAngster defines the clear difference between the similar-sounding terms, “recycled” and “upcycled” best of all (another excerpt):

“You may ask what the difference is between upcycling and recycling, as they seem quite similar. According to Cradle to Cradle, recycling is actually an example of “downcycling,” whereby unrecoverable and unusable by-products are created in the recycling process. By recycling items toward uses that were never intended during their original production process (example: soda bottles into carpeting), they are effectively “wrestled” into a form that requires as much energy (or moreso) to produce than manufacturing a new carpet. In the end, the rug is ultimately still on its way to a landfill, creating “eventual waste.””

Ever wondered what the world would be like if upcycling became the norm? I urge you to check out the original blog post on Etsy’s Blog “The Storque” to find out!

blog action day!