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Sweetie with her OnaWhimm Cat Toy! January 31, 2009

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…Aaaaaand I’m back! First, here’s something that I’ve been wanting to post for a while:

This is our new kitty “Sweetie” with her super-cute catnip toy made by OnaWhimm!
(she has since taken her toy to her donut /bed and sleeps with it every day! SO cute!)

We highly recommend these well-made, sturdy and kitty-tested toys to everyone…
“meowwwrrrr!” –  Sweetie


New Tote2Go! “Double Shoppers”… January 15, 2008

Oh heck yes. I had a great time at the EtsyRain craft swap this past weekend and came home with much more Fan-tab-u-lous fabric than I ever imagined! Thanks to everyone who raided their craft stashes to give me more great stuff for my stash! Yay!

After the craft swap was over, Meghan (, Julie ( and our new friend Dale ( dropped off the leftovers to Goodwill and promptly went inside to find even more stuff! I think I was the only one to come out with a big bag of stuff…but I was able to make these super-cute Tote2Go! Double Shoppers with some of the cute fabrics I found in there:

green tote2go! double shoppers trio

Cute right?? I love these Tote2Go! Double Shoppers
Two single-ply shopping bags in one…Use as one bag or two!
Handmade using only reclaimed, repurposed and remnant cotton fabrics….

I’ll post them to my Etsy shop as soon as I can get some good pictures of them when they’re unfolded!


Fun with clay = Cuteness…Oh My! November 15, 2007

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EtsyRain has a holiday party coming up in December and part of the festivities will be an ornament exchange. We discussed this on the EtsyRain message board and Kimberly (that clever, clever girl!) said something about “envisioning a tiny Norm trapped in a bubble”. LOL! All I could think of was a mini Norm made of polymer clay stuck in an ornament! So — I invited Heidi (aka: Norm) to my place to play with clay for the day!

We had lots of fun and Norm turned out super-cute! I don’t have pics of the mini-Norms (yet) but I do have pics of my own Cactus Guys — and OMG they are CUte! (if I do say so myself…hahaha). Here’s a pic with one of my Cactus Pincushions and the two mini-Cactus Guy ornaments I made out of polymer clay…check out the sewing machine bobbin for scale:

mini cacti with cactus pincushion

How cute are they?? I can’t wait to make more of them!! :D