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Choosing Family Over Work… September 4, 2008

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My Dad is going in for some “minor” surgery tomorrow (an angioplasty amongst other things). I decided to come down to LA to be with my family even though the procedure is “no big deal” because…well…my family is a big deal to me.

When I found out about the surgery, I’ll be honest. I waffled. I kept thinking about all the work I needed to do…

My Tote2Go! stock is getting low, after many small shows that chipped away at my inventory…leaving me with some cute, but I’d say boring fabric choices. So having a few extra days to prepare for a show this Saturday (Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair, Sept. 6th) would have been awesome.

I’m in the middle of organizing some new happenings at EtsyRAIN — our new membership program, a big show in October even coordinating some stuff for our upcoming EtsyRAIN Zine (name to be announced soon!)…there is SO much to do. (Luckily I have a great leadership team to support me! Extra special thanks to KC!! You are awesome.)

But then…I compared everything I needed to do with the way I would feel if I chose these things over family. What if something happened? I could never forgive myself! Especially after we almost lost him in his second open-heart surgery last year. That was crazy scary.

Here’s hoping tomorrow comes and goes and I’m saying, “Yeah. That was not a big deal. Everything was fine…I probably didn’t have to be here.”

I’d much rather live with that than the alternative.