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I found out what they’re for! March 13, 2008

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I showed off the sewing machine feet to MANY people at the show and stumped quite a few so-called “experts” (also known as sewing machine salespeople). Then it dawned on me…”I bet the only ones to truly know what they were would be the members of the American Sewing Guild!” And yes…of course they did! Immediately, in fact! :) They were awesome. In fact I joined the ASG right then and there! Caught up in the moment, I suppose. But a couple of ladies from the Seattle Chapter were there and they were SO nice! I sort of don’t remember what-all is included with membership, but I’m supposed to get some sort of membership package in the mail sometime soon, so maybe I’ll clue you in on it when I get it.

Anyway. Here’s what they are: Attachments for a Singer “Featherweight” machine! In fact, all of the attachments are described on a website that is all about these powerhouses of sewing fabulousness…(great. now I want one! feh. ;)

The one that opens up like a bird’s beak is an adjustable hemmer! SO awesome. I can’t wait to try this out on some new pants!

The one that is long with numbers on it is a tuck marker! It’s no wonder no one knew what this one is for…when was the last time YOU needed to make “tucks” in a garment??? haha!

Phew! Mystery solved.

See all of the amazing Featherweight attachments here: