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OMG! I was on Etsy’s Front Page today! January 31, 2009


I am SO glad I changed my Secret Promise Ring photos recently :)
(special thanks to LiciaBeads for giving me the heads-up at 2am!)

I just checked and I got over 100 views and a bunch of hearts on that ring
oh, and a convo from someone who wants me to make a custom ring
for her to give to her fiance at their wedding! Wow…SO exciting!


One last holiday craft fair! December 11, 2007

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This is where you’ll find all of my latest Tote2Go! tote bags and NEW double grocery Tote2Go!s

This weekend at my good friend and Urban Fashion Network founder, Tarah Prater-Perini’s “Holiday Shopping Extravaganza”!

I heard that the FOOD is reason enough to show up…Well — that, and all of the super-great crafts to support your “buy handmade” pledge!

Holiday Craft Show in Queen Anne…Seattle, WA

Promise Rings? Yep…I make ’em! November 29, 2007

One of the things I love the best about WordPress is the “blog stats” feature. It is via this feature that I found out that there are quite a few people finding my blog via a web search for “promise ring” or “promise rings”. So…if you found me because you’re looking for custom made promise rings featuring your very own sentiment hand-stamped on the inside of a sterling silver band style ring, just click here to find listings for that very thing!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been making these rings for almost 10 years! They’ve been featured in boutiques and galleries all over the world, in the pages of Seasons catalog and for the past 5 years, Sundance Catalog’s jewelry catalog! They’ll be back in Sundance Catalog this Spring for their Valentine’s jewelry catalog. Very cool stuff. I love that catalog. (edit: I’ve added the results page for “promise ring” on’s jewelry page…just in case you wanted to see it for yourself :)

In the meantime, you can purchase them at my Etsy shop — click on the picture below to go directly to the “rings” section of my shop:

Secret Promise Rings — available at


My My How Time Flies… November 27, 2007

Geez. I look up and next thing I know, Urban Craft Uprising is THIS weekend! Augh!!!! Once again, I am scrambling and staying up waaaay too late to try to make tons of inventory to take to the show. <sigh> When will I ever learn how to get this stuff done earlier?? Hmph. I have to say though, this pressure is making some diamonds out of my fabric stash! I already have 10 sets of double Tote2Go! grocery bags and a *ginormous* red and green floral tote that took me all afternoon to make! It ended up a lot bigger than I had originally planned, but it really turned out great! The last thing I finished tonight was a super-long handled purse/tote2go — it’s totally cute…black with mustard/brown/green stripes on it and pockets all over the place. I wouldn’t be too sad if that one didn’t sell this weekend…hehe.

The weather is a little crappy right now (Seattle rain!), so I can’t take any decent pictures of the new stuff just yet…but I did recently list these totes in my Etsy shop:

blue floral tote2go!         bright stripe tote2go!       Blue Geo Squares tote2go!

                    Blue Floral Tote2Go!   Bright Stripes Tote2Go!   Blue Geo Squares Tote2Go!


Fun with clay = Cuteness…Oh My! November 15, 2007

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EtsyRain has a holiday party coming up in December and part of the festivities will be an ornament exchange. We discussed this on the EtsyRain message board and Kimberly (that clever, clever girl!) said something about “envisioning a tiny Norm trapped in a bubble”. LOL! All I could think of was a mini Norm made of polymer clay stuck in an ornament! So — I invited Heidi (aka: Norm) to my place to play with clay for the day!

We had lots of fun and Norm turned out super-cute! I don’t have pics of the mini-Norms (yet) but I do have pics of my own Cactus Guys — and OMG they are CUte! (if I do say so myself…hahaha). Here’s a pic with one of my Cactus Pincushions and the two mini-Cactus Guy ornaments I made out of polymer clay…check out the sewing machine bobbin for scale:

mini cacti with cactus pincushion

How cute are they?? I can’t wait to make more of them!! :D


Craft Shows can be fun! (It’s the prep that kills me…) October 30, 2007

<yawn>! Oh. My. Goodness. I really did have a great show at the “Fall Thing” in Phinney Ridge! I sold a few Tote2Go!s and even some jewelry that I managed to dig out of the depths of my backstock drawers. I had forgotten how different retails shows are from wholesale trade shows!

The customers, for instance. At a trade show, they are really obviously “looking to buy” the next best thing on the market. They scan and stop only if something truly catches their eye. When they do stop, they usually want to hear all about your work so they can decide if it’s right for their store.

At a craft show, I’d say a good portion of the shoppers are crafters too — so when they stop to look, they’re sometimes just checking out the craftsmanship and/or the price point. (That’s all cool with me. To be honest, I do it too) And the other people are really just taking some time out of their weekend hoping to find that perfect holiday gift a little earlier this year…knowing full well that they may just find themselves at Target on Christmas Eve. Augh!

Personally, I’d really like to give and get a 100% handmade holiday this year. In retrospect, relying on big-box retailers has created more stress than it’s worth — running here, there and everywhere trying to find the store with the right item at the right price…then trying to find the right gift wrap and card and…oh my. I’m getting stressed out just thinking of it.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that by purchasing something from an artist and/or an artist-friendly boutique you’d be supporting small businesses and making an immediate difference in the life of an artist? Heck ya. That’s a Happy Holiday in my book! has created a website dedicated to this concept…check it out and take the pledge to Buy Handmade this holiday! Yay!


Have you read the Ikeahacker blog today? October 13, 2007

Oh yay! I just got word that my “Tote2Go!” upcycled tote bags are featured on Ikeahacker’s blog today! Even better, it is their featured post for BlogActionDay! I am so excited…I totally heart being featured on blogs. It makes me feel special  ;) hehe

Check out the post and come back on October 15th to see my official BlogActionDay post!

bright tote2go back  bright tote2go folded

My Tote2Go! totes really started with a pile of scrap fabric given to me by Julie Charles of — she put these amazing Ikea drapes up in her house(boat) and gave me the yards and yards of fabric she trimmed off the ends! The concept was to make a reusable grocery tote that was super-cute and sturdy, so I used  an actual plastic grocery bag as the original pattern.

Since then, I’ve created my own pattern (see my previous post) and but still only use recycled, reclaimed and remnant fabrics for all my totes and purses. It forces me to be creative and uses fabrics that would eventually end up in the trash bin…I love it!