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“they’re not working…but he’s fine…” September 10, 2008

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Yeah. So, that’s what the cardiovascular surgeon said to us when he remembered to tell us about the condition of my father’s three(!) bypasses. Basically, my dad’s heart has created its own bypass by growing a huge vein from the left side of his heart to feed the right side. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s working for now. They say he’ll be going on (more) medication to regulate his heartbeat and that a 3rd open-heart surgery is our last option after all others have failed.

He also had some laser surgery on the 14″ of blocked vein in his left leg — they got alllllll the way through to within 2mm(!) of breaking through and then…they had to stop. The vascular surgeon said they had to stop because they didn’t want to keep him in there any longer than the 4+ hours he already endured…too risky. Oh, and the last 2mm of calcification is usually very dense and hard to break through so it would take much longer to get through than the rest of it. He seemed just as frustrated as we were in hearing the news.

So now, it’s all about time and more surgeries and living more healthfully.These are the days when I wish I lived closer to my parents. It’s also a wake-up call for me…after all, I have the tendency to have all these health problems myself…yikes.

Thanks for “listening”. Your support and well-wishes have really helped a lot! I promise to post happier topics next time… :)