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Moving Day… January 2, 2010

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Seems that January 1st brings about all sorts of change. I’ve got big plans…but in order to be in on them, you need to follow me at my new blog:

See you there! :) – Handmade Spring featuring IMCS March 27, 2009

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IMakeCuteStuff is participating…please check it out and let me know what you think! :)

OH…super Exciting: *leave a comment* on my page to have a chance at winning one of the prizes at the end of the virtual show on April 5, 2009! (as of today, I only have ONE comment on my page…!)


OMG! I was on Etsy’s Front Page today! January 31, 2009


I am SO glad I changed my Secret Promise Ring photos recently :)
(special thanks to LiciaBeads for giving me the heads-up at 2am!)

I just checked and I got over 100 views and a bunch of hearts on that ring
oh, and a convo from someone who wants me to make a custom ring
for her to give to her fiance at their wedding! Wow…SO exciting!


Sweetie with her OnaWhimm Cat Toy!

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…Aaaaaand I’m back! First, here’s something that I’ve been wanting to post for a while:

This is our new kitty “Sweetie” with her super-cute catnip toy made by OnaWhimm!
(she has since taken her toy to her donut /bed and sleeps with it every day! SO cute!)

We highly recommend these well-made, sturdy and kitty-tested toys to everyone…
“meowwwrrrr!” –  Sweetie


Virgin America is pretty awesome… December 30, 2008

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They eventually de-iced the wings...

They eventually de-iced the wings...

A little on-board entertainment...

A little on-board entertainment...

Leather seats, music and games provided…made the 2 hour flight to LA bearable :)

We have a connection...

Got bars?

It’s weird to have permission to be lazy — aka “vacation”…


Mmmmm…Hot Cocoa December 22, 2008

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With all this weather, I tried to recall the last time I had a really great cup of hot cocoa and eventually realized it had been much too long. Years, in fact. Little did I know that P had already decided to add cocoa powder to the grocery list and surprised me with this homemade cup of goodness: about 1/2 way through before I remembered to snap a pic!

…got about 1/2 way through before I remembered to snap a pic! hahaha!
Whatever I did to deserve this man, I sure am glad I did it… ;)


Now, this is getting ridiculous. December 21, 2008

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Okay. If anyone reading this is anywhere West of the Rockies buried in many feet of snow, please forgive the whiny-ness of this post. You see, we Seattle-ites are NOT at all prepared for *any* kind of snow-type stuff to fall from the sky for more than a day or two. (read: no snow plows, no de-icing or salting any neighborhood roads. just sanding on the most used routes) So..due to ever-lovin’ climate change, the last time I looked outside it looked like this:

this is the side of our house...the side of our house…

snowy bonsai

snowy bonsai

Augh. I have so many things to finish up for the holidays and this is just making me feel like hibernating.

Okay. I’m done whining now…

Isn’t the snow Beautiful!!??! :) **It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!**